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Aug 07 2009

Use These Killer Tips and Tricks to Make Candles At Home

Published by Von at 8:31 pm under candle tips

For those who have plenty of time, candle making proves to be an interesting activity. Besides, thinking of possible ways to earn money can be very frustrating. The same also goes for learning a new skill. However, if you are interested in candles and want to make candles at home, then this is a likely opportunity. With these tips and tricks, you can easily earn your way and begin a possible business.

There are various steps concerning candle making. You have to know the types of materials and where to get them. Aside from shopping for possible supplies, it is also best to research for instructions on how to make candles at home. You can do this by referring to manuals or online resources.

The following ideas are additional tips aside from the usual wax preparation and techniques. These suggestions will also give you additional information regarding wicks, dyes and scents.

One of the basic concerns of people who want to make candles at home is the size of the wick. As a general rule, wick size should correspond to the size of the candle. One should remember that large wicks equate to fast-melting candles and small-sized wicks are considered the most appropriate. To make candles at home also means applying the following steps.

First, take note of corresponding wick sizes and candle diameter. In fact, there is a list which shows the right wick size per candle. For instance, for one-half inch candles, the best wick size is six to eight ply. For candles whose diameter is one inch or 2.54 cm, the proper wick should measure at twelve to fourteen ply.

Second, if you want to make candles at home and do it well, you have to remember that color is essential. More so, there is a proper coloring medium used for candles. It is not advisable to use color or dyes that are meant for soaps or clothing. Find the right color or candle dye in making your products for that pleasant hue or tint.

It is also important to maintain the right temperature in melting your wax such as gel or paraffin. These substances can be harmful if not handled well. Do not melt your wax using direct heat. Always use a pouring pot or double boiler. It is also best to buy a thermometer to avoid any possible mistakes in wax melting. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to monitor your wax mixture, using a reliable tool such as this.

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