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Oct 07 2009

5 Steps on How to Organize Home Candle Parties

Published by Von under candle parties

5 Steps on How to Organize Home Candle Parties

Are you familiar with home candle parties? Have you actually tried joining one? If no, then this is the best time to experience if not know one. As candle sites and resources fill up web searches, the idea of having a party online is no longer impossible to achieve.

In fact, while these types of parties are being promoted in the net, the idea of home candle parties so emerges. For one, there are sellers who want to reach their preferred target market. These involve persons who do not have the luxury of time to get connected.

Mostly, home candle parties are also considered in lieu of seminars and short courses, all because sellers want to introduce their products in a more effective and efficient manner.

So, how can you organize future home candle parties? Read on and learn.

  1. Search for an online dealer. This is actually easy, given the fact that most candle sites offer beginners with promotional packages and starting kits. The idea is to invite prospective sellers, who are merely based either at home or small offices.

  2. After making suitable inquiries, it is now time to place your orders. Once you have visited and chosen a particular candle site, you can now choose a specific product or candle line and submit your online orders.

Others even ask for samples as initial requests. The concept here is to actually have a few candles for giveaways or special tokens.

  1. Home candle parties would not be complete without guests. So, you better start creating your guest list. Consider everyone starting from good, old family. Then extend your invites to friends and peers. You might also encourage them to bring in a couple of pals and acquaintances.

  2. Homemade candle parties should reflect the proper time, place and date. Once you have finished your guest list, then sending out your invites would be the next step. Try sending word through invitation cards or email. It is also best if you would try having a form of registry to determine a common time among your clients and guests.

  3. Gear up with other essentials including food and giveaways. Remember, home candle parties are here to promote your business. Meaning, you have to at least spend and invest.

Aside from your actual products, giving small or specially-wrapped candles as a way of showing gratitude is also preferred. Preparing food and games are also important components. Besides, you have to be able to entertain guests in order to persuade and encourage them in buying your candles.

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Oct 07 2009

5 Candle Selling Business Tips from Experts

Published by Von under candle business

5 Candle Selling Business Tips from Experts

A candle selling business is highly-effective once you know how to manage things. Usually, it takes more than just effort or patience. For the more you deal with marketing and product management, the more you realize the significance of employing passion and continual interest.

If you are about to ask professionals and candle experts, there are said to be tips that could help you propel your home based business. You might also find their suggestions simple yet reliable, as it reveals the best ways on how to maximize your capital and investment.

  1. Management control. This is applicable in all aspects of your candle selling business. From the concept of finances to sourcing out materials and clients, having full control of your cash flow truly works.

It also means that you need to spend wisely. Try to build a network of suppliers, whose rates are far more competitive. Also, you have to establish a candle selling site that will help you generate more profits.

  1. Determine your overhead costs. This refers to your actual expenses relative to your candle selling business. From the prices of wax, dye, fragrances and wicks up to your probable expenses in buying double boilers, molds and candle thermometer, your overhead costs should reflect every essential item.

  2. Sell your products by increasing your network. As expected, initial clients can be your friends or relatives. After a while, you have to move on and try to go for other clients including former or current co-workers, neighbors and your neighbor’s friend even your husband’s buddies.

In other words, try your best to reach everyone and anyone who might be interested in buying your homemade candles.

  1. Know your products well. The worst mistake that you can do while managing a candle selling business would be to sell them without actually knowing what’s in them.

For one, you have to show your customers that your products are indeed the best in the market. Second, you have to impress them by actually lobbying your candles’ strengths. In the short run, clients and customers have to know how knowledgeable you are in selling and proving your item’s worth.

  1. Lastly, there is always space and room for improvement. Do not be content with what you know and have as a seller. Keep in mind that a candle selling business has to evolve. You need to improve your products as much as you have to learn more. Apply for other workshops and seminars. Take advance courses and try to make use of newer materials.

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Oct 07 2009

5 Tricks on How to Make Candles at Home

5 Tricks on How to Make Candles at Home

In the past, new skills and tricks do become accessible once you enroll in workshops and seminars. It was also considered a privilege if you can start your own business at home. Nowadays, these things can be easily done, thanks to the many resources teaching beginners various tricks on how to make candles at home.

The only thing that you have to remember is that the opportunity to make candles at home gives you the leeway to be more adaptive and resourceful. The craft teaches you to become more responsible as you have to think of effective ways on how to come up with products that are special and affordable.

There are also various tips that you cannot simply ignore and below is a great list of samples.

  1. If you want to make candles at home, then you need to be familiar with various kinds of materials. For instance, candle waxes do come in different forms and each type presents a list of pros and cons.

To fairly determine which one suits your business the most, you need to keep in mind the availability, the extent of fragrance or essential oils needed, as well as its ability to become saleable.

  1. You can also make candles using impressive glass containers or molds. Other projects can likewise suggest the use of other molds including wine glasses, wax-coated cups even hard plastic molds. However, your choice should reflect your product’s overall appeal and look.

  2. If you are just starting, then perhaps the best way would be to buy a candle making kit. This item normally includes the basic materials such as wax, dyes, fragrances and wicks. This is also a great alternative for both kids and teens.

  3. Be creative and try to go for personal taste. This is very much applicable if you are about to make candles using only the basic steps and skills. Your creativity will naturally set your candle apart from the rest. In turn, the higher is your chance, to market or sell them easily.

  4. Do not hesitate to make bolder choices in terms of decorations, packaging, as well as choice of colors and scents. You have to remember that there are so many candle makers out there and the only way to stand out is by means of producing different and personalized candles.

Your choice of molds and containers should present new and refreshing concepts. For instance, instead of having wine glasses, why don’t you try creating fruit-shaped or candles with glitters? In turn, consumers will find your products different.

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Oct 07 2009

4 Homemade Candle Making Tips for Beginners

Published by Von under candle tips,homemade candles

4 Homemade Candle Making Tips for Beginners

One problem that many starters face in considering homemade candle making is either capital or space. For all they know, what they need are just basic skills, a clean work area and a few dollars as budget.

If there is one easy project for both professionals and beginners, then it has to be this step by step guide in making homemade candles. For one, it is a deviation from the normal recourse of producing hand-dipped candles. Second, it presents moms and housewives with something productive and lucrative in the end.

As for tips regarding homemade candle making, here comes a set of tricks.

  1. Get the necessary supplies such as double boilers, thermometers, wax, wicks, molds, candle dye and fragrance. Try to get these materials from craft stores and supplies shops. You may also get started with a candle making kit that comes at a reasonable price.

  2. Use your spare kitchen or covered yard as work area. While you are about to create a few samples of candles for a start, using your own space will help you save cost and time.

  3. Learn the basic skills either through workshops or online seminars. It is also best to join candle parties, which are being organized by candle makers and enthusiasts. At times, homemade candle making tips are given as these are also listed in many sites.

  4. Lastly, try to produce small quantities before embarking on producing larger ones. For beginners, it is better to create a few samples and give these out to friends and pals. From there on, you can fairly determine their response and might give you inputs in terms of candle design.

Many people think that homemade candle making is labor-intensive if not too complicated or hard. The trick is to be prepared with the set of materials, learn the fundamental steps and work your way up. This means having the creative sense to come up with unique and personalized ideas.

Concerns regarding capital or sources for supplies may prevent you from capitalizing on what you inherently have. You also have to realize that homemade candle making is not about purchasing new materials. Even old candles and used crayons are suitable as supplies.

It is also best if you have the passion and interest for said craft. Improving oneself is also essential. Learn whatever you can to set your homemade candles apart from your rivals. Seek out opportunities and always be resourceful and self-reliant. As others normally quip, you are only as good as your last candle batch.

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Oct 07 2009

Decorative Candle Making Made Easier in 5 Steps

Published by Von under how to make your own candles

Decorative Candle Making Made Easier in 5 Steps

The holiday season is fast-approaching and so is gift-giving. For many of us, sharing presents and handing out gifts are customary. Furthermore, giving cookies, pastries and personals is part of this festive treat. So, why not try something new as gifts? Perhaps, all you need is a hand on decorative candle making.

The processes involved are very similar as well as the needed supplies. On the other hand, what makes decorative candle making special, is its mere use of items such as dried leaves and petals. Are you now interested in said craft? Do you want to try making these candles and turn ordinary items into something extraordinary and special?

Here’s how:

  1. Source out your materials. Gear up on both fresh or dried leaves and petals. Some tend to make use of their personally-grown flowers outside their yards. What they do is pick the freshest bloom and use other available materials such as twigs and ferns.

  2. For this decorative candle making project, you have the option to use either plain or colored candles. The good thing is this project comes handy for beginners. They can just try purchasing readily made candles and do the decorating themselves.

  3. After choosing your base, which is the plain or colored candle, it is now time to pick the blooms, petals or leaves. You have to understand that colors do come into play here. Meaning, your choices should complement each other’s shades.

  4. You will also need decoupage glue and brushes. The trick is to get a pillar candle, apply a coating of decoupage glue on your chosen area or where you want to place your decorative leaves. After which, gradually place your dried flowers, leaves or ferns onto the candle until your desired concept is achieved.

  5. Once you have placed all your decorations, apply another coating of glue over it and let it set.

Remember that in decorative candle making, you can choose to buy dried items or make them yourselves. To those who want to try creating their own dried leaves and flowers. You can try these steps. First, pick flowers that have the brightest colors and always go for blooms that are defined in terms of texture and shade. Second, flatten them using a directory or with the help of a flower press. If you don’t have one, then leaving your petals for 24 hours within book pages will do the trick.

In terms of other decorations, you may want to accentuate your redesigned candles with beads, shells and laces. As for probable items to use in decorative candle making, you can purchase these in supply and craft shops and get them at inexpensive rates.

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Oct 07 2009

Expand Your Business Using 5 Candle Making Techniques

Published by Von under candle business

Expand Your Business Using 5 Candle Making Techniques

From decorative candles to gel creations and tea lights, it has been proven how candle making techniques help. Rooms and dull spaces become lovelier and pleasant with use of aromatherapy candles that give off appealing fragrances and scents. Candles are also used to give life to parties and other private engagements. Not to mention the obvious effect of candles during garden parties and evening get-togethers.

There is so much about candles that we can learn to love. For all you realize, this long, tapered and often misinterpreted piece of wax has given so many people the chance to enjoy candle making as a profitable art.

Candle making techniques are also given to motivate people and instill into them the value of said craft. Thus, below is a sample of tricks that could very well serve professionals and candle enthusiasts.

  1. Do not limit oneself with paraffin wax. Remember that various materials are also recommended in producing your products. You can try gel wax, beeswax, or soy wax if you like. Other alternatives can also be used such as palm wax.

  2. If you are about to make floating candles, you can try using any type of finished candle product. Investment should include supplies such as molds, containers, thermometer, candle wicks, dye and fragrance.

  3. One of the most recommended candle making techniques has something to do with melting the wax. As always, it is best to melt your wax base using a double boiler or set of large pans.

  4. Safety is also of prime importance. Keeping your work area clean will not only ensure safety as it also limits potential fire risks and hazards. It is always best to produce your candles in a well-ventilated area and make sure that all supplies are kept properly and organized.

  5. When it comes to pouring your melted wax, make sure to have all containers set and cover tables with newspapers to control wax spills in an instant.

The use of pre-tabbed wicks is also essential as you do not have to worry over placing wicks into pre-set tabs.

Using a thermometer is also advisable when making your candles. You have to remember that wax melting often speaks of right and proper temperature settings. It also pays not to melt your wax over direct heat.

These candle making techniques indicate both preventive and safety tips. These are actually basic reminders but with long-term benefits. Preparedness, in particular, is also a component of these candle making techniques. For the more you know how to start and where, concerns regarding fire prevention and quality no longer appear as worries.

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Oct 07 2009

3 Candle Making Ideas as Given By Experts

Published by Von under how to make your own candles

3 Candle Making Ideas as Given By Experts

What makes candles unique are their quality and craftsmanship. The design and overall look of a product is also an advantage in itself. This is why we have to be creative when thinking of producing our own items. Moreover, while we are after potential earnings, we have to update and keep abreast with candle making ideas that work.

Adults and kids both benefit in making candles. First, parents can now engage themselves in a productive activity that has potential in terms of generating money. Second, kids and teens can now devote a part of their time to think of candle making ideas and execute them neatly. Thus, both parties are having a great time so to speak.

So, for those who want to try something better, here is a set of candle making ideas to work with.

  1. Think of seasons and adapt your candle design to it. For example, while beaches, sand and starfishes are a craze during summer, why don’t you try making star-shaped and brightly-colored candles? Think of refreshing scents like ocean breeze. How about producing tea lights or shell candles as prospective accents?

Colors do represent fun and imagery. Aside from conforming to ordinary shapes and sizes, try to have fun and play with your ideas to be more creative. Think of sea green, yellow and bright orange as possible shades. You can even get inspiration from tropical fruits and turn these ideas into decorative candles.

  1. Do you a have lovely rose garden? Are you thinking of ways on how to rid of garden weeds and ferns? While these items are once seen as ornaments or wastes, why don’t you incorporate them while making your homemade candles?

Decorative candle making becomes a breeze with the use of lovely petals and dried flowers. Make use of ferns even herbs as accents. Spice things up by combining these items with other colorful decors or packaging items. You might also want to add up laces, ribbons and beads.

  1. Start an easy project for kids. Gather up old crayons and candles. Let their candle making ideas speak. Ask their favorite color and inspire them while making your candles.

Kids do have passions and interests and candles could be one of them. Sometimes, what they only need is guidance and a little prodding from adults and parents. So, never let this opportunity pass and try to find ways on how you can spend quality time with them.

Candle making ideas are here to inspire and encourage. Reinvent your creations and produce items using your creativity and other people’s ideas as well. Creative inputs often result to lovely artworks that define your worth as an entrepreneur and as an artist. Besides, who says candles are not good enough as artistic bases to deal with.

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Oct 07 2009

4 Secrets and Advantages of Soy Candle Making

Published by Von under soy candles

4 Secrets and Advantages of Soy Candle Making

Aside from producing hand dipped candles, many people are now into soy candle making. The interest is so high that web results often reveal various sites and resources. What’s great with soy candle making is that it gives consumers a good alternative. Candle makers are also given the chance to create new batches of candle items.

Soy candles started in the 90’s as spearheaded by Michael Richards. He introduced the use of soy wax, which is a relatively new material as compared to paraffin wax. Soy wax is merely produced to support advocacies regarding inexpensive materials. It also poses as a great replacement to the much costly beeswax.

And because of its cheaper price, soy candle making has renewed the interests of both starting entrepreneurs and professionals. Below is a list of the so called secrets behind soy candle making and mere advantages of using soy wax.

  1. It is comparatively inexpensive to create, thus allowing starters to think less of capitals. We are very much aware of other materials used in creating homemade candles and this includes gel wax or beeswax. While the former presents a likely way to produce handmade products, the latter proves to be very costly to source out.

  2. It allows the use of natural and environment-friendly products. In fact, one apprehension has something to do with the use of paraffin wax. Since this is a petroleum-based material, others feel that paraffin does dangers to the environment as compared to soy wax.

  3. Soy candles are easier to maintain and last longer. Yes, if you are bothered by soot and excessive smoke, then these items are preferable than paraffin. More so, wax spills are considered easier to get rid off and clean. All you need is basic detergent and lukewarm water.

  4. Soy candles have low melting points that make it more effective in spreading the scent. While we often think of scented candles as prime room decors, not all of them smell great. In fact, there are items that do not really smell as expected. However, with the help of soy candles, a typical room becomes pleasant and fragrant as well.

For those who want to try soy candle making, these advantages can now form part of your well-kept secrets. You can limit your cost and produce good items despite price increases in materials and supplies used in making candles. Also, you are giving the environment another lease on life as you are supporting natural and non-invasive materials in making them.

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Oct 07 2009

Start Your Candle Making Business in 3 Steps

Published by Von under candle business

Start Your Candle Making Business in 3 Steps

It is every hobbyist dream to build a business that earns and shows his utmost interest for candles. Having the passion is one thing but having an opportunity out of this passion is another. There has to be resilience, adaptability and patience. Besides, having a candle making business can be easy yet tricky in itself.

  1. The first step in establishing your own candle making business has something to do with financial assessment. Meaning, you need to define the limits of your finances. Are you prepared to shoulder all the necessary expenses? Are you ready to adapt if prospective sales grow big?

While many suggest the use of small capital or investment, having a candle making business can be risky. At first, you may create a few candle samples and give it to friends. But as more orders are placed, the more you need bigger amounts to cover all the necessary costs and overhead.

  1. After coming up with your monetary limits, it is now time to decide on your prospective suppliers. Learn the required skills. Practice and make time for seminars if necessary.

Choose your partners if you want a partnership. After you have successfully produced your own candles, then you may want to proceed with marketing. Start small and try to seek referrals through family. Ask close friends to attend your recently organized candle party.

Never hesitate to join bazaars as it can be used as your main platform in reaching your target market. Just remember that in order to come up with competitively priced candles, you have to find reliable and cost-friendly suppliers.

  1. Build a site that works. Nowadays, it can be easily done by simply joining networking sites where registration is free. You can easily ask for referrals and offer your products to prospective clients. You can also find this step manageable as you can still keep your day job while having your own candle making business.

Produce, advertise and negotiate. These are actually the main concepts if you want to venture on a candle making business. You have to learn the basic steps and produce your candles first. Advertise your products and make use of various tips and tricks.

Negotiate with customers and appreciate their good will. You have to be smart and friendly. Never compromise deliveries and try to produce unique candles. Make way for improvement and never deny further study to improve your skill. You also have to be reliant and self-motivated. As a result, once you get the hang of things, you will soon find how manageable and thriving a home based business can be.

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Oct 07 2009

5-Step Guide on How to Make Scented Candles

Published by Von under scented candles

5-Step Guide on How to Make Scented Candles

Imagine this scenery where flowers and petals bloom. How about the scent of these lovely flowers spread like one enticing aroma within your very room? Can’t wait to see those colorful tea lights atop your coffee table? How about learning the tricks on how to make scented candles and bring light across every dark patio?

Yes, the inviting fragrance of scented candles brings joy and inner pleasure. In fact, many designers make use of candles as decors. Elegance and serenity are given real form with the help of these fragrant candles. A room also becomes livelier and pleasant as lovely scents make themselves smelled and known.

So, what are the steps on how to make scented candles? Here are some of the basic tips and rules.

  1. Melt the paraffin wax. Be careful in doing so and never attempt to do your wax mixture using high temperature. It is advisable to use a double boiler in melting your wax.

  2. Once you have completely melted your wax, then it is time to add the scent. It is also recommended to add an ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax. It is also best if you would not overdo your fragrance. Besides, you do not want to ruin your mixture by adding too much.

  3. Variety is also a key element if you want to know how to make scented candles from scratch. Aside from taking risks in terms of essential oils and chosen fragrance, it also pays to deliver good results by means of adding color to every candle batch.

Kids, in particular, love seeing attractive colors along with funny shapes and size. With this in mind, you can try creating watermelon-shaped candles that also emit a similar fruity fragrance.

  1. After adding the scent, it is now time to add the dye. Liquid dyes are the ones mostly used by beginners, as it is easier to control and define. More so, it is a great replacement to dye chips or blocks.

  2. Once the wax mixture is complete, it is now time to pour the wax into their respective containers. You can go for hard plastic or glass. However, for a nicer and cleaner finished product, it is best if you would choose glass molds and containers.

Purchasing pre tabbed wicks is also beneficial for starters. All you have to do is place your pre tabbed wick inside chosen molds, let the finished candles to cool and you are all set.

This 5-step guide proves helpful for beginners. It provides many with various details regarding candle making. For those who really want to know how to make scented candles, it is advisable to start early and continually learn. Besides, the more information you acquire, the better.

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